Hook Magnets for More Space

hook magnets

A simple way to add a little more space to your kitchen is to arrange your pots and pans into baskets with some special hook magnets. Simply hang your pans and pots in these baskets and you’ll have an attractive-looking kitchen. There are some great designs and colors that you can choose from, depending on your needs. They come in several sizes and some even come with handles on them for easy storage. You can also use them to hold other items, such as plates and utensils.


Hang Your Grocery Store Cans and Containers A quick and easy way to add more room in your pantry is to arrange your grocery store cans and containers with a little hook magnetized cans hanging from the outside edge. Place a couple of hook magnets over each of the front sides of the can or container, then place some hooks inside the can and close the top with a small piece of plastic tape. Make sure your hooks line up perfectly with each other. Then, simply hang your can or container from one of these hooks.


Use Hook Magnets to Hang Your Electronics Store A lot of people who shop at electronics stores use hooks to hang their electronic goods from their computers. For example, most of the time, people hang their laptop computer from their arm while they’re at the store. Hook magnets also work very well if you’re going to put your music player on your desk or in your hand. Simply attach a magnet to one end of a wire, and then hook this wire into a magnetic switch on your wall. Slide the switch into a magnet, and your electronics will automatically be plugged into your speakers. You can use these hooks to hang other electronic devices as well.


Hang Photo Frames If you like to take lots of pictures with your family, then you might want to use these magnets to hang pictures on your wall. Simply hang several magnetic hooks over the wall with different picture frames in them. Once you’ve completed the picture frame, use the hooks to hang them into the frames. Be sure to use several hooks so that all the pictures will hang evenly. If you find yourself struggling to hang the hooks, try using the extra hooks to hang extra pictures to place behind the frames to make it look even.


Display Pictures You don’t always need to display pictures all the time. In fact, there are some occasions where you want the picture to go unused and in the corner of a closet or the basement. Use hooks to hang pictures in these situations.


Hang Magnets can help you save money but also makes your kitchen and home look great. If you think you could use some more hooks, try using them to store other things.  Get your magnetic hooks wherever they have quality magnets for sale.

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