About Us

William Cromwell Sr. founded Cromwell Real Estate in 1959 as a way to provide smarter real estate services to the area. He built our company based on a strong dedication to putting each and every client first – whether it was someone buying a home or selling a business.

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His commitment to business ethics, fair dealing and customer service has been passed on to his son, our CEO, William Cromwell Jr.

Bill has taken things a bit further, expanding our realty agency to include five neighboring counties, 16 active real estate agents, four offices and additional services as need has arisen over the years. His daughter, Sheri Trokey, manages the Springfield office while his grandson Alex helps out in the office during his down time from college.


This beautiful Second Empire Victorian is a fabulous opportunity. An old doctor’s house, it has 8 bedrooms, 5 baths and a huge dining room. An awesome B&B opportunity.